As an owner of one of America’s most trusted vehicles, you know how important it is to do regular, factory-recommended maintenance for your Honda car, truck or SUV. At Key Honda of Rutland, we know that if you keep your end of the bargain, your Honda vehicle will give you long, reliable life.

Perhaps the most vital maintenance item of all is getting a regular oil change. Driving with insufficient or dirty oil is one of the most common ways engine life gets shortened. How often should you get your oil changed? It used to be that every 3,000 miles was the recommended cycle for most cars. Today, thanks to advanced lubrication, it depends on the age of your car. Some Honda models can operate well with longer intervals. At Key Honda of Rutland, we’ll be happy to provide you with factory recommendations for your Honda or other make and model, so you can keep it all in mind. Whether you live in Lebanon or Middlebury, it’s also important to change other vital fluids in your vehicle, including transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid.

We’ll Help You Pass the Vermont Vehicle Inspection with Flying Colors

Speaking of important things to remember, every Vermont vehicle has to pass the annual state inspection. It covers a lot of safety and emissions standards, and at Key Honda of Rutland, we can help your vehicle pass the test. What kinds of checkpoints will your vehicle face in a community like Whitehall? Inspectors will measure tires for wear and proper tread depth. Your windshield will be checked for cracks and chips. Your shock absorbers or struts will need to pass a bounce test. Windshield wipers need to work safely in the rain. Our technicians can tell you more.

Trust the Honda Service Specialists at Key Honda of Rutland

Of course, the best place to get any Honda service is at Key Honda of Rutland. Our factory-trained service experts know just what your Honda vehicle needs, and we’ll make repairs using genuine Honda parts. If you live in nearby Burlington, find out more about our respected Honda service department. To schedule service, call us or schedule your service online. At Key Honda of Rutland, we’ll make sure your Honda car, truck or SUV gets genuine Honda service so you can get genuine Honda reliability.

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