While the change of seasons is still two weeks away, summer temperatures have already arrived and will only go up from here. And when it's hot outside, your car's cabin can get even hotter. We all know the feeling of getting into a vehicle that has been sitting in the sun for a while; it feels like an oven. So, as the temps begin to rise above 80 degrees, a properly functioning air conditioning system is vital to an enjoyable and safe summer.

How cold should a car's A/C be?

For a vehicle's air conditioning to be effective when outside temps reach the low 90s, it needs to be able to maintain close to 40 degrees at the vent outlets when set to maximum and recirculate. Even when idling, the optimal temperature reading is below 45 degrees. And if the heat goes up from there, anything above 45 degrees is almost useless.

An improperly functioning or inefficient A/C system can have several possible causes. One of the most common issues is refrigerant loss due to a bad seal or hose leak. Other issues include a bad blower motor or compressor, a clogged refrigerant hose or expansion tube, and electrical problems. If your vehicle is experiencing any of these issues, the highly trained technicians in our service center can sort out the problem so that you can get back to enjoying the sunshine.

Get quick and convenient A/C maintenance near Lebanon, Middlebury, and Whitehall at Key Honda of Rutland

If you're experiencing A/C issues, or if your vehicle is due for maintenance, Key Honda of Rutland makes it easy to schedule a service appointment online. And if you have any questions before your visit, please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience. We'll be happy to assist you.

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